Be a part of our success!

Pannon Group has achieved substantial business and social successes in several different areas thanks to its ability to continuously adapt to an ever-changing world and its experience over several decades of operation.

Contact us and give your career a boost! We seek driven and ambitious colleagues who want to join our dynamic, open and quality-oriented community.

We can only achieve the greatness we aspire for together. This is why we have created a work environment focused on creativity, efficacy and welcoming new talent.

Our colleagues act with a great degree of independence and personal responsibility. Still, they tackle day-to-day challenges in close collaboration with the entire team and in the safe knowledge that they have a strong support network.

Be a part of a project that guarantees not only new experiences but also tangible success.

Remember, our colleagues will enjoy the opportunity to be a part of our shared successes and benefit from support to achieve their individual goals and career aspirations.

Why work with us?

Cooperation and success

We consider it extremely important to achieve the goals of our Group in cooperation with our team. We believe successful collaboration can bring about great results. A horizontal organisational structure built on trust, direct, open communication and a supportive workplace atmosphere provide the ideal conditions for effective cooperation.
For us, the importance of cooperation goes beyond the personal level: Pannon Group is also a leader in sectorial collaboration. Our companies are active in various industries, including tourism, agriculture, healthcare, legal advice, insurance and property management, and IT solutions. Exploiting the resulting synergies and transferable core competencies brings about not only success for our business but also supports our colleagues’ continued professional development.

Trust and independence

Each of our colleagues is empowered to operate with a great degree of independence and personal responsibility, which allows them to demonstrate their skills and abilities. We also create opportunities for everyone to improve continuously in their respective field of expertise.

Our trust in our colleagues helps foster an atmosphere of maximum intellectual freedom and independence. At our companies, every member of the team is in a position of responsibility within their own field.
We know that each colleague

Community and cohesion

Pannon Group provides a community in the workplace in the true sense of the word, characterised by team spirit, mutually supporting each other and effective cooperation. We endeavour to create an inspiring environment and positive atmosphere that foster and help maintain team cohesion.

Personal drive and career

We help our colleagues thrive and support them in attaining their individual career objectives. Pannon Group provides the ideal environment for everyone who wants to build their career, create something new, and approach each new challenge as inspiring.


Join our team, and let’s embark on the journey to success together.

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Currently, there are no vacancies at our Group, but please send us your CV so we can contact you directly when a position that suits your professional background opens up.

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Selection process

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Confirmation of receipt

Once your application is received, we will send a confirmation to the email address you specified.

Contact by telephone

If your CV is selected through a sift, we will contact you by telephone.


This informal chat will allow you to learn more about our company, the team and our professional requirements.

Notification of outcome

In the last step of the process, we will notify all candidates in writing of the outcome of their application.

If you found no suitable vacancies on this occasion but would like to join our team, please send us your CV.