The success of an agricultural business requires not only expertise but also a great deal of passion. To run an equestrian farm, one also needs to love animals, horses in particular, and to be dedicated to caring for them.

Pannova Horses Kft.

Pannova Horses Kft cultivates nearly 100 hectares of land and operates a stable that excels even in international comparisons, situated on the picturesque foothills of the Mecsek Mountains at Orfű, some 20 km from the city of Pécs.

The pastures are topographically diverse, and the stable at their centre provides suitable conditions for the housing, feeding and training of even high-performance race horses, catering for their specialised behavioural and physical requirements.

The bespoke training of sport horses that compete in the international arena, as well as caring for and feeding them, requires a well-designed and safe infrastructure, a balanced and calm environment, and a great deal of professional expertise.

This profile of activities is well complemented by the keeping of retired, elderly horses, which also have their unique requirements.

The calm and enclosed surroundings of the stable provide ideal conditions for our highly-trained therapists, who conduct equine therapy sessions using specially trained and certified horses.

Our experts are also happy to provide advice, plans and instruction on designing training schedules, competitions, transporting, riding, stabling, feeding and tacking up horses.

Bespoke horse care

The customer-centred approach that characterises the whole of Pannon Group translates into loving care of horses in the case of Pannova Horses, along with attention to detail and enabling continuous development.

SOur experts give each horse the time they need to develop, and when a horse’s performance plateaus, hits a snag or deteriorates, they immediately intervene and make the required changes. Each sporting success of the horses is built on a solid foundation of individualised, bespoke training schedules, feeding, veterinary care, shoeing and regular physiotherapy treatments, along with pastures, spacious, airy and well-kept stables as well as an environment ideally suited for training.

We firmly believe in continuous development and the power of continued professional training, teamwork and an open-minded attitude.


Our stables were designed with the health and behavioural requirements of horses in mind. The spacious and airy stables and the pastures, which encourage moving around, can currently house up to 35 horses, in one of three manners.
Most horses live in a herd on the extensive pastures and the adjacent open stable.

We also offer the option to keep a horse on an individual, standalone pasture fitted with a storm shelter.
Finally, some horses spend their time in boxes and paddocks that cover nearly a whole hectare. A small, flat, easy-to-monitor paddock for rehabilitation purposes complements these facilities.


During the summer, the high-quality and well-maintained, nearly 40-hectare paddocked grazing field provides excellent roughage that forms the basis of the feeding programme over this period. In the winter, the primary feed is hay harvested from our own fields. We also provide processed feeds and supplements whose composition is adapted to the individual needs of each horse.


The horses are trained in a lit arena with a geotextile floor and drainage, in a riding hall, in round pens and in a horse walker l. An infrared horse solarium and horse washing stations aid recovery. Riders and their guests can use the spacious car park, a well-maintained locker room, tack room, shower room, kitchen and a terrace overlooking the arena and the surrounding mountains.

The horses’ fitness training is greatly aided by the broader range of training options, which, thanks to the nearby Mecsek Mountains, offer a diverse spectrum of soil types, altitudes and technical challenges. To complement the training sessions conducted on our premises, we regularly use trailers to transport the horses to nearby flat, sandy areas.

Dr. Katalin Varga
sports activities and instruction



Dr Katalin Varga exemplifies the outstanding professional standards of Pannon Group’s activities in the agricultural sector. She has decades of experience as an endurance rider, an international coach and an international judge. She is also actively involved in various training work and specialist committees.


Equestrian sports

Endurance rider


  • Decades of experience as an athlete
  • Member of the national team for multiple years
  • Hungarian National Champion
  • Captain of medal-winning teams in the Hungarian National Championships on several occasions
  • Experience in competitions around the world (France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, UAE, USA)

International coach


  • Elite Coach of the Hungarian Equestrian Association
  • Level 2 International Endurance Coach of the International Equestrian Federation



  • National competition judge of the Hungarian Equestrian Association
  • Level 3 judge of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI)
  • Experience in judging in many countries of the world

Designated trainer


  • Hungarian University of Sports Science, School of Specialist Training in Equestrian Art
  • Hungarian University of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Hippology
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, multiple faculties
  • Other training courses
  • Preparation for rider’s licence exams
  • Judge training
  • Coach training

Specialist committee


  • Former member of the Endurance Riding and Carriage Driving Committee of the Hungarian Equestrian Federation for over two decades
  • Member of the Coaches’ Committee