Insurance brokering

When you want to make the best possible decision in any given situation in the insurance industry, expert help comes in just as handy as in other business areas.

PANNON ALKUSZ Biztosításközvetítő Kft helps customers who are looking for reliable protection in any area of their business or private lives. The company has been licensed since 2009 and delivers its brokering activities as an independent insurance broker in full compliance with the applicable statutory requirements.

Being a Pannon Group member,reliability and effectiveness characterise the company’s operations. The primary consideration in all cases is the best interest of our clients. Our team of brokers consists of experts with a great deal of experience and up-to-date knowledge who do more than simply recommend products: they help our clients find the best solutions tailored to their unique personal or business needs.

Our brokers connect clients with the insurance company and products that best suit their requirements in the shortest possible time.

It can be challenging to navigate the plethora of offers from various insurance companies, and proper research requires extra time and energy.

Choosing the right broker and working with them successfully allows our clients to enjoy absolute peace of mind, confident that they have expert support in attaining security, business success and a safe future.

As a result, the clients who use our services can save time and energy while ensuring they have access to the solutions that make the most financial sense for them.

Individual requirements, optimal solutions

PANNON ALKUSZ Biztosításközvetítő Kft

The primary objective of our colleagues is to explore the needs of the clients who approach us and to present the most appropriate and relevant products to them. Our experts are very knowledgeable about the market and the latest trends so they can choose from a wide range of options. Our selection of services includes business insurance, property insurance, motor insurance, liability insurance and travel insurance policies.

Receiving personalised advice has many benefits. Our clients can familiarise themselves with the most suitable solutions during their insurance dealings in a time and energy-efficient manner.

The experts at PANNON ALKUSZ can help give appropriate consideration to each decision and are on hand throughout the process to assist you.

Our brokers have access to insurance companies and products that clients cannot normally access themselves. These competitive offers allow brokers to provide our clients with a competitive edge.

Conducting business ethically and with impeccable expertise is of the utmost importance for PANNON ALKUSZ. Continued professional development ensures our brokers can always rely on up-to-date knowledge and react to changes in the market quickly.
True to our responsibility as a member of Pannon Group, our approach is characterised by being customer-centred and a commitment to successful outcomes.

Therefore, we always listen actively to our clients and consider their requirements fully to achieve perfect customer satisfaction. PANNON ALKUSZ Biztosításközvetítő Kft has excellent contacts both within our group of companies and across the entire insurance industry.

Life and personal accident
Property insurance
for individuals

Partnered insurance companies

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Pannon Alkusz contact information


Hunyadi utca 19, Pécs 7625
Telephone: +36 72 513 631
Fax: +36 72 513 635

Company information

Registration number: 02-09-074738
Tax identification number: 14858394-2-02
Hungarian National Bank (MNB) licence number: EN-II/M-269/2009.
Hungarian National Bank (MNB) registration number: 209092247353
Professional insurance policy number: 324338220 (Allianz Hungária Zrt)
Authorised representative: Bernadette Bozsánovics, Managing Director
Advocacy Group: Association of Hungarian Insurance Companies
Supervising authority: Hungarian National Bank