About Pannon Group

Pannon Group is an organisation capable of continually renewing itself, with an unwavering focus on success and quality. Since its beginnings in 1990, the mutual trust and close professional cooperation with our partners, business units, and staff have enabled our nationwide network with our headquarters in Pécs to survive, thrive, and grow.

We are present in property management, industrial parks, agriculture and tourism, as well as in healthcare, legal services, insurance and the IT sector, thanks to the market recognising our activities as valuable.

Thanks to its broad range of sector expertise, Pannon Group acts as a community of passionate and exceptionally highly skilled colleagues who bring expertise and experiences from a wide variety of industries and eras, along with creativity, enthusiasm, professionalism and good practice. The result is more than a simple sum of their individual knowledge and expertise: through utilising transferable skills and synergies – which mutually amplify each other – and organising themselves into a coherent system, they form a unit with substantially enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. It is this unifying principle that ensures the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Thanks to our continued integration efforts and vast networks, we have a diverse range of up-to-date information in all business sectors.

Integrity, openness, and flexibility define Pannon Group’s everyday operations. Openness to our broader economic and social environment, new knowledge, diverse methods, new contacts, other organisations and our colleagues enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to new information from any direction.

Our horizontal organisational structure empowers our colleagues and allows them to work with a great degree of independence. Each role is performed with an ownership mindset. Taking pride in quality and attention to detail are essential to our corporate culture.

Our group is organised around core competencies, which are put to great use in a wide range of business sectors. Our approach focuses on transferable expertise that cuts across sectoral boundaries rather than on isolated areas of professional know-how.

Our Mission

Current economic events always impact market players, including Pannon Group.

We can also positively impact the economy and our social environment thanks to operating our corporate culture responsibly. This impact, in turn, can foster further success.

Success brings improvement and growth, creates value, inspires our colleagues and provides them with a clear vision for the future.

We consider our Group an integral part of its environment. This is why we built close, collaborative working relationships with a range of decision-making bodies, high-profile enterprises, large corporations and universities, i.e. the entire spectrum of economic actors, in the course of our day-to-day activities. This is also why we take an active part in large-scale projects, e.g. in the field of re-industrialisation.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility plays a crucial role at each of our companies, and it is woven into the fabric of their strategic planning as well as into their day-to-day activities. Our objective is to make our organisation ever more responsible, ethical, and sustainable, thereby positively influencing our operations’ economic, societal, and environmental impacts. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to impact the interactions between a company and its environment positively.

Our Sectors

Pannon Group builds successful businesses and companies in a diverse range of sectors. We perform operations ourselves, using state-of-the-art methods and innovative tools, cooperating with Hungarian and international delivery partners.

Industrial parks


Business Consulting




Legal advice

IT solutions


Property management

By selling and letting property owned by Pannon Group, our property management operations help attract businesses into the Southern Transdanubia region.

Pannova Industrial Park is the flagship of our highly prominent property management operations. Its primary objective is to improve our partner’s competitiveness by providing efficient and effective facility management services.


Tourism plays a strategic role in the Group’s portfolio of activities. Club Pannon Camps & Hotels Kft operates a selection of modern campsites along the southern shores of Lake Balaton, such as Aranypart Camping, Mirabella Camping and Thermal Camping, as well as Hotel Platán in Zamárdi. Each establishment offers high-quality relaxation to its guests.

The accommodation places operated by Club Pannon Camps & Hotels Kft service nearly 200,000 guest nights each year. Each one of the over 500 places of accommodation, covered or otherwise, boasts an excellent location. They stand head and shoulders above accommodation offered in Hungary thanks to the range and quality of the services provided, their superb location and the improvements carried out on them each year.

The other major asset of our tourism division is the Laguna Yacht Club and Marina, situated in Balatonfűzfő. It offers a comprehensive range of services, accommodation and a restaurant on 12.5 hectares. Laguna Yacht Club and Marina also offers other excellent opportunities in its capacity as a development site.


Pannova Horses Kft is the Group’s representative in the agricultural sector. It cultivates nearly 100 hectares of land and manages a stable of international standards in Orfű, a mere 20 km away from Pécs. The stable is suitable for keeping, feeding, and training actively competing sports horses, and it also acts as a venue for equine therapy sessions. The operations of Pannova Horses Kft are characterised by a customer-centred approach, the utmost attention paid to the horses, a focus on details and continuous improvement.

Business Consulting

Pannon Group provides consulting services to contribute to the business success of small and medium enterprises as well as large corporations. Our business consulting services make great use of our extensive experience gained in the field of reorganisation. We owe our achievements to our ability to respond to business challenges and any emerging issues quickly and professionally.

Other sectors

We also provide professional services in the healthcare, legal, insurance and IT sectors.

There are strong links between the operations of the various sectors. Property management and development play an important role in tourism, while expertise in tourism and the property market is beneficial when operating a marina.

All these skills are further enhanced by decades of business consulting experience, especially in reorganisation. We have always striven to acquire and implement market best practices.

Skills such as developing strategies, preparing for and responding to ever-changing external factors and collaboration are deeply ingrained across our Group. These are at the core of our activities across all sectors and allow us to utilise our colleagues’ expertise to its full effect.

Current vacancies:

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