Business Consulting

Business Consulting


Pannon Group’s team of experts blends best practices from Hungary with experience gained in the international arena to solve any business challenge our clients may face. In this, we rely on our broad expertise, knowledge of various industries, familiarity with the latest leadership practices and substantial experience.

The competence mentioned above originates from the experiences of many intelligent, passionate and creative colleagues gained over many decades and several generations, brought together by a set of companies with different activities but the same competencies, culture and leadership, thus creating Pannon Group.

Our consulting arm makes full use of the lessons learned from several decades’ worth of reorganisations and the experiences our colleagues bring, making all that accumulated knowledge available to our clients.

A well-designed and continually updated corporate strategy is indispensable to maintain and improve your company’s competitiveness

We help our clients on a daily basis to answer strategic questions and to improve their operations. We offer solutions to complex challenges.

Business consulting can promote quick development, help with adapting flexibly and handling transition periods such as company reorganisations and crises.

We assist clients with optimising their internal operating processes to fully exploit potential organisational synergies and achieve even higher operating efficiency and profitability.

The business consulting services offered by Pannon Group constitute a resource businesses can use to increase their efficacy and help attain their objectives.

“We believe there is an answer to every question, and to every problem, a solution.”

Professional, complex business consulting services

Adapting to the business and societal environment of your company

Our colleagues are conversant with a wide range of sectors, as we are active in industrial park property management and agriculture as well as in tourism, healthcare, legal advice, insurance and IT.

Each of our colleagues is an expert in their respective industries and can use their wealth of knowledge on the market to offer new perspectives, creative solutions, and out-of-the-box thinking to support strategic planning.

Thanks to our substantial experience, we can prepare for changes in the market and the impacts of external threats and opportunities. This is how we can always stay a step ahead of the competition.

Pannon Group’s consultants have broad networks, which they use to help build connections between companies, potential partners and investors.

Business consulting can reinvigorate your business

Our skilled colleagues provide expert advice and can find solutions for even the most complex problems.
We are experts not only in addressing industry-specific issues but also in supporting the consideration of innovative new directions and in developing sector or function-specific solutions.

The major pillars underpinning the success of our expert team:

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When do you need business consulting?

The continuously and dynamically changing economic environment, the expectations of the market and the drive to grow, as well as the challenges associated with generational change, often demand that business owners consider a more exhaustive range of options and strategic directions than usual. Our comprehensive business consulting services can help our clients navigate these complex situations.

Our areas of consulting expertise include:

  • company crisis management
  • avoiding insolvency
  • preparing for insolvency-related procedures
  • life after insolvency
  • preparing a business for sale
  • transforming your business
  • reorganisation
  • generational change
  • developing exit strategies, including internationally.
If your business is facing any of the following issues or similar problems, our experts can help:
  • stagnation
  • slow growth or fast growth
  • crisis
  • financial difficulties
  • expansion
  • acquisition
  • company reorganisation
  • expansion abroad
  • sale of the business..

Our tasks

Our tasks include supporting management in a loyal and effective fashion. You can trust us to deliver independent and objective advice in every case. Our clients’ interests are our absolute priority. We can initiate or deliver the necessary changes. We can also support preparing the successor or new leader through the implementation of changes.

The complex service package of Pannon Group enables businesses to:

market share




more efficiently


a competitive edge


Achieve complex renewal and